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The Best LAVA ME 2 Acoustic Guitar and Other LAVA Guitar Reviews

Lava Me 2 is one of the best carbon Fiber acoustic guitars designed by Lava music. Let's compare it with the Lava Me 3, Lava PRO and Lava U Ukulele.

Lava Guitar Reviews

This is our LAVA Guitar review.

Many of my clients at the music studio want to play guitar and start adding beats and effects to their guitar tracks. Instead of always coming to the studio or investing a lot of money in gear to perform their experiments, a good alternative is the LAVA guitar.

If you are looking for a lightweight, travel-sized, and extremely durable acoustic guitar capable of producing some amazing sounds, then look no further than the Lava ME smart guitar.

lava guitar

This is one of the best-sounding acoustic guitars around, with its beautiful design and high-quality hardware.

If you’re asking yourself, “what is a Lava Me Guitar”, you’re certainly not alone!

But read, on and you will soon discover how versatile the Lava Me guitar is and what wonderful music it it can produce.  

LAVA ME  is a hybrid guitar that functions as a traditional acoustic guitar and high-performance electric guitar.

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Best for the price


This previous version of the LAVA ME guitar is the best if you are looking for an affordable model.

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Most recent


Released in 2021, this acoustic-electric guitar combines all the brand-new technologies by Lava Music.

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Best for stage


If you are a professional looking for a highly performant guitar to play live, the LAVA ME PRO is for you.

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Best for traveling


LAVA U is the ukulele version of Lava Music. It’s ideal if you are on a budget and looking for a smaller instrument.

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Lava Me 2 Acoustic Guitar Review

Lava Me 2 Design Features

Let’s start with LAVA ME 2’s unique unibody design. Considered to be the world’s leading carbon fiber guitar, ME 2 is made from the highest quality carbon composite material called Super AirSonic.

The World’s Leading Carbon Fiber Guitar – How They Do It

ME 2’s unibody is fabricated using a one-piece injection mold technology that results in an extremely lightweight guitar, yet able to produce big sounds. This is the secret behind being labeled as the world’s leading unibody lava guitar!

The neck structure is reinforced with 2 ultra-stiff carbon fiber bars into the neck. This makes the FlyNeck 300% stiffer than the previous generation.

As a result, LAVA ME 2 is now easier to play and built to last.

As an innovative leader in carbon fiber guitars, ME 2’s Super AirSonic carbon fiber construction also means LAVA ME 2 is weather-resistant and not prone to warping or damage to weather or humidity.

In fact, ME 2 easily adapts to temperatures between -20º C to 90º C and humidity from 10% to 90% – perfect for making Lava music in just about any temperature!

Although Lava has many popular guitars and other Lava music instruments, the LAVA Me 2 guitars are among their best sellers.

How Does Lava Me 2 Sound

Short answer: fantastic!

LAVA guitars are famous for their lightweight body and powerful sound. These guitars offer loud, wide-range frequency tones.

Music lovers adore this brand’s instruments. Not only can LAVA ME 2 be played without any electronics, just like a traditional acoustic guitar, but turning on the built-in electronic soundboard with LAVA ME 2 ‘s FreeBoost System takes things to a whole new level.

The FreeBoost system can quickly adjust the reverb, delay, and chorus settings, opening up all sorts of creative options to help you produce the unique Lava music sounds you’re after.

One Guitar With 4 Unique Lava Music Sounds

Thanks to LAVA ME 2’s onboard electronics, you have four options, each with its own unique sound:

  1. Unplugged
  2. Unplugged with FreeBoost
  3. Amped
  4. Amped with FreeBoost

All-in-all, LAVA ME 2 creates a lot of sound for its small size. 

Does Lava Me 2 Need Batteries?

One nice feature of ME 2 is the built-in USB charging. Simply charge the guitar using the provided USB cord, and you’re good to go for hours of enjoyment!

To put it simply: No batteries required!

What colors are available?

LAVA ME 2 Is Available In 5 Fun Colors, as shown below.

Black Lava Me 2 Guitar

White Lava Me 2 Guitar

Pink Lava Me 2 Guitar

Blue Lava Me 2 Guitar

Orange Lava Me 2 Guitar

Why LAVA ME 2 acoustic guitars?

  • Unique, attractive design
  • Lightweight, making it ideal for travel
  • Carbon fiber construction makes it extremely durable
  • FreeBoost system for infinite sound effects
  • Small size is perfect for kids or people with smaller hands
  • Battery performance is long enough to cover a full-day live concert.
  • The Build-in Preamp system is just fantastic.
  • Includes a quality travel case, instruction manual, USB cord, cleaning cloth, and guitar picks.

In summary: The Lava ME 2 acoustic guitar is a dream guitar and an excellent choice for musicians looking for a high-quality, durable instrument that is also easy to travel with. With its unique, attractive design and lightweight construction, the Lava ME 2 is perfect for those who want a premium guitar that can easily be taken on the road.

Additionally, its carbon fiber construction makes it highly durable, while its FreeBoost system allows for an infinite range of sound effects. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just starting out, the Lava ME 2 acoustic guitar will surely impress.

Additionally, with its small size and long battery life, this guitar is perfect for kids or anyone with smaller hands. And finally, the included travel case, instruction manual, USB cord, cleaning cloth, and guitar picks make this an excellent choice for musicians of all skill levels.

So if you’re looking for a high-quality acoustic guitar at an affordable price, look no further than Lava ME 2.

Lava Me 3 Review

Lava Me 3 construction

This time again, Lava Music built the LAVA ME 3 acoustic guitar with its waterproof AirSonic 2 carbon fiber. Its one-piece body and material make it extremely resistant to any weather conditions but also to accidental drops.

The LAVA ME 3 is available for right and left-handed guitar players and is sold in two sizes: 36 and 38″. The 38″ size was not available for the LAVA ME 2. Its design is very classy, and the large variety of colors available makes it a very unique instrument.

White Lava Me 3 Guitar

Red Lava Me 3 Guitar

Space Grey Lava Me 3 Guitar

Pink Lava Me 3 Guitar

Blue Lava Me 3 Guitar

Gold Lava Me 3 Guitar

Lava Me 3 Battery

The battery life has been optimized compared to the Lava Me 2. It lasts 2+ weeks on standby and up to 9 hours when playing. For sure, the playing time varies depending on how you use the guitar. The Lava Me 3 comes with a USB-C jack and cable to charge it. You can also buy the Space Charging Dock sold separately, which plays the role of a wireless charger and guitar stand at the same time.

A smart guitar including all the tools you need to practice guitar

The brand new version of the LAVA ME guitar comes with a 3.5″ multi-touch display integrated with the proprietary HILAVA system. This smart guitar comes with 32G of storage and 4G of memory to record your music. It offers built-in apps that provide you with all the tools to need to play guitar:

  • A tuner,
  • A metronome,
  • A recorder that supports Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5GHz), and Cloud synchronization to save your recordings,
  • An Effects app with pre-built effects and the ability to create your custom ones without the need for a pedal
  • A Loops app where you can choose among a wide variety of beats and overdub up to 3 tracks,
  • A Practice program to get a detailed report of the skills you are practicing on your guitar.

iOS and Android apps are also available.

You also have access to the Lava Community where other lava players share their favorite grooves.

Compared to the LAVA ME 2, the pickup system has been updated to the L3 HILAVA System with FreeBoost 2.0.

How does the Lava Me 3 sound?

The possibilities are endless with the Lava Me 3, with the limitless effects and grooves combinations that you can create with the built-in apps. Plugging it into an amp enables you to create even more effects. The sound it produces is really amazing! And this is what we expected for a guitar in this price range.

In summary, the LAVA ME 3 is a fantastic acoustic-electric guitar with all the tools needed to learn, play, and record music all in one guitar. All of this makes it a very unique guitar.


For Stage Performances

LAVA ME PRO Carbon Fiber Guitar

  • Lava Me Pro is an outstanding carbon fiber acoustic guitar. Designed by Lava Music, the PRO series was designed especially for stage performances.
  • It has a powerful preamp system built in.
  • They developed a deep partnership with L.R Baggs: to make the system most powerful.
  • One of the features of this guitar is that it has built-in effects like a professional electric guitar, but it doesn’t require pedals for that.
  • This means you can now travel or do live performances without any pedalboard.
  • The portability of this guitar made guitarists more attracted to this product besides the built-in effect feature.
  • The guitar is two-thirds the weight of the other guitars, which means it is ideal for traveling between shows.

The soundboard of the guitar is made of Lava Music’s proprietary AirCarbon material, which combines all carbon fibers in a honeycomb structure. As a result, it works well in any kind of condition and produces loud and organic sounds.

Besides that, it has a mix-control feature that will allow you to mix the sound between the body mic and piezo. With this, you can achieve a natural and customizable sound.

The adjustment of delay tempo has never been this easier.

In seconds, you can control the speeds with your fingertip in the Lava Me Pro.

Besides that, with the Turbo Button, guitarists can enhance the volume and tone with only one push of a button. This option is fantastic for guitarists doing live performances.

The design of Lava Me Pro is very unique and classy

The Lava Me Pro guitar is the ultimate rock star’s companion. With its 6 strings made of phosphor bronze, it delivers a rich, warm tone that is perfect for any playing style.

Whether you’re shredding on the fretboard or delivering searing solos, this guitar handles high levels of distortion with ease.

The guitar neck is made of carbon fiber and aluminum for good stability. Other parts like the bridge, nut, and saddle are also made with high-quality materials such as high-pressure laminate.

And with its sleek body design, this instrument provides unbeatable playability that will keep you coming back for more.

The combination of these design elements and quality components plays a role in transmitting sound vibration.

The FlyNeck+ enhances the guitarists’ playing experience. Regarding the body, performers don’t have to worry about the weather, thanks to the durability of the carbon body materials.

If you’re a live musician, this is one of the finest pickup alternatives available on the market. If you compare it to other guitars, it’s not expensive at all. And as it features built-in effects, playing becomes more enjoyable and simple at the same time.

This is the ultimate upgrade in the carbon fiber guitar line from Lava Music.

 Main Specifications of the LAVA ME PRO

  • Item weight: 22.1 Pounds.
  • Batteries: 1 lithium-ion battery.
  • Body Material: AirSonic™ Carbon fiber composite.
  • Colors: Black Gold & Space Grey.
  • The number of strings: 6 (Elixir Nanoweb 012 Strings).
  • Size: 41-inch unibody guitar.
  • Strap: The Ideal Strap is sold separately.

Lava Me Pro


Let’s have a look at what Lava Music has to offer for ukulele players.

Available in SIX colors, these Ukuleles are a must-have in your collection! 

The LAVA U is built with the same meticulous care and hands-on customization as other LAVA guitars.

The patented AirSonic Carbon Fiber makes it resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. The advanced bionic structure brightens up your tone.

L2 Mini Preamp System

LAVA U comes with LAVA’s L2 Mini FreeBoost pickup, which also lets you create various sound effects without having to plug it in.

Although the L2 Mini is half the size of the original L2 preamp, the built-in FreeBoost technology can produce a natural sound via the internal mic.

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If you’re looking for a small, travel-sized acoustic guitar with excellent sound quality and affordable, I recommend the Lava Me 2.

My other suggestion for a compact travel-sized guitar is the Yamaha F325D.

Happy Playing!


What is a LAVA guitar?

A LAVA Guitar is a smart acoustic-electric guitar which includes a built-in multitouch display that gives you access to all the tools you need to play guitar (tuner, metronome, recorder, effects and beats libraries, etc.). It allows you to track your practice to get your guitar skills to the next level.

Where are LAVA guitars made?

LAVA Music is a China Based Company. It was founded in 2013 in Guangzhou city. LAVA Music manufactures guitars with new materials and acoustic construction.

Their goal is to make the creation of melodies easier. In 2017 they launched their LAVA ME guitars, which became an instant hit.

What are LAVA guitars made of?

LAVA guitars are famous for their astonishing construction. LAVA Music has developed Airsonic, which is a new type of carbon-fiber composite.

The Airsonic provides an outstanding wide-range frequency performance. The Airsonic structure also keeps your guitar safe in any weather. It can withstand any heat and humidity change and resist accidental drops.

Passionately invested in the music world for over 20 years, Jake studied music for 14 years at the Royal Conservatory Of Toronto. He has a degree from Champlain College & Bishop’s University in Business & Music. He is the owner of Fly Away Music & Media Studio in Montreal since 2014, with over 500 happy artists recorded, mixed and mastered.

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